Nursery Information

Due to social distancing and other COVID guidelines, we are not currently able to have our nursery open. Please watch for an announcement as to when it will be restarting. Thank you for your understanding!

Are you a St. Patrick Church of Merna parishioner with a toddler (9 months/mobile to 3 years old)? Would you like to attend Mass and be able to pray, participate and HEAR the whole homily? The nursery is open during 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass times. All you have to do is register your child! Registration forms can be obtained at the Welcome Center, or you may contact the Nursery Director.

Make Mass the most meaningful, prayerful hour of your week. Leave with a renewed spirit and a happy child!

  • The nursery is open to all registered toddlers during the 9:00 and 11:00 Masses.
  • We offer same-day service ~ register and use immediately!!
  • Our playground, which is only accessible by going through the nursery, is a welcome sight to any busy toddler!
  • The nursery is a ministry of love.  It is completely free, and you will not find better childcare anywhere!

We would be delighted to have your toddler in our nursery!! We believe your child is a special gift from God – so we want to provide the best love and care possible. All children cry sometimes when being left by parents. We understand and expect it. In most cases, crying stops a few moments after you leave. If your child continues to cry after five or ten minutes, we will send someone to notify you. Please sit on the choir side of the church in case a Nursery Team Leader needs to contact you.

Nursery Registration Sign-Up

Well children only! For the health of all (and the peace of mind of every parent), children with symptoms of illness should not be brought to the nursery. To protect the health of all our children, we cannot accept a child who is ill with a cold or a fever.

Please make sure that your diaper bag, sippy cups, and pacifiers are clearly labeled.

Please do not send food to the nursery with your child. We will provide a small snack, if necessary, usually Cheerios and water.

When you enrolled your child in the nursery, you filled out a registration form to assist the childcare attendants in taking care of your child and his/her needs. Please be sure to notify the childcare attendants if you have any changes to the form throughout the year. If you need a new form, please contact Pam Goode at or inquire in the nursery.

When you drop off your child, please be sure to complete the sign-in sheet.  We ask that the same parent drop off and pick up their child. This is for safety considerations and to help childcare attendants get to know parents and children.

For more information contact: Pam Goode, Nursery Coordinator, 662-7361, ext. 222 or