Caritas Homeschool Parish Ministry

We are a community of homeschooling families in the Bloomington-Normal area coming together to thrive as a joyful, vibrant, authentically Catholic group for the purposes of meaningful enrichment for our school-aged children and the fostering of their social development, but most essentially for common worship and growth in the Catholic faith that binds us together.

We offer an online communication platform through which our members can network, support each other, and plan independent events such as regular park dates and outings. We also offer an educational enrichment cooperative that typically meets eight times/semester at St. Mary’s of Downs Church.  In the past, we have offered a variety of classes, including art, science, chant, among many others, that provide a structured environment for our children to learn together and socialize with each other while supplementing the education they receive at home.

Above all, we believe it is our communal responsibility and holy privilege to nurture each member’s sense of belonging and his growth in faith and virtue by rooting all that we do in the charity of the heart of Christ. Thus we will encourage and warmly accompany each other in our shared vocation of responding to the Universal Call to Holiness as homeschooling families.

We are open to all families who are currently homeschooling a child who is at least 5-years old.  For more information, please email or click here to register.

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