Meet Our Staff

Rev. Gayle E. Cyrulik Jr.
(309) 663-8938     Email

Rev. Mr. Mike Pool
(309) 662-4625     Email

Kristie Klingler
Office Manager
(309) 662-7361 x212     Email

Stacy Bierman
Office Assistant
(309) 662-7361 x212     Email

Jenny Cook
Communications Coordinator
(309) 663-8938 x236     Email

Bobbi Hassel
Religious Education Coordinator (Grades 1-8)
(309) 662-7361 x225     Email

Claire Martens
Religious Education Coordinator (Grades 6-8)
(309) 662-7361 x225     Email

Jana Schopp
Family Life Coordinator
(309) 662-7361 x217     Email

Pam Goode
Nursery Coordinator
(309) 662-7361 x222     Email

Jeff Lopez
Director of Development/Stewardship
(309) 662-7361 x213     Email

Sandi Remmes
Business Manager
(309) 662-7361 x232     Email

Tom Knoblauch
Director of Building/Grounds Maintenance
(309) 662-7361 x219     Email

Rodney Becker
Assistant Building/Grounds Maintenance
(309) 662-7361 x219     Email

Lindsey Adams
Music Director
(309) 662-7361 x230     Email

Julia Nalewajka
Youth Ministry Coordinator
(309) 662-7361 x306     Email

Josh Miller
Youth Ministry Assistant Coordinator
(309) 662-7361 x306     Email

Parish Trustees
Paul Smith
Brenda Seger

Corpus Christi Education Commission
Becky Foley
Tyler Donahue
Robert Lee
Michael Vogel
Brian Peterlin

Finance Council
Jennifer Miller
Joe Monk
Christy Olinger
Chris Thoennes
Charlotte Warmbir
(309) 662-7361