Join us for discussion on the second book recommended by Bishop Lou. Below is Fr. Matt’s insight on the book:

In 1974, Archbishop Fulton Sheen said in a conference, “We are at the end of Christendom. Not of Christianity, not of the Church, but of Christendom. Now what is meant by Christendom? Christendom is economic, political, social life as inspired by Christian principles. That is ending — we’ve seen it die.” But he went on to say, “These are great and wonderful days in which to be alive. … It is not a gloomy picture — it is a picture of the Church in the midst of increasing opposition from the world. And therefore live your lives in the full consciousness of this hour of testing, and rally close to the heart of Christ.”

“The Holy Spirit is at work in every age, ours included. If it is true, as we are assured by Saint Paul, that grace is more present the more that evil abounds (cf. Rom 5), we might expect an especially abundant action of the Holy Spirit in our own time. Our task is to understand the age we have been given, to trace out how the Holy Spirit is working in it, and to seize the adventure of cooperating with him.”
These quotes are taken from the introduction and the conclusion of the book, “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission” by Msgr James Shea.
St. Pat’s and St. Mary’s will be hosting a book discussion of this excellent, short (less than 100 pages) essay-style book. All are welcome to join either session. Please register to help us plan!

OPTION 1: St Mary’s Downs – Facilitated by Ray Sheldon
WHEN: Study begins Wednesday, June 7th and runs through July 12th
TIME: 6:00-7:00 pm (after 5:30 Mass)
WHERE: Basement meeting room

OPTION 2: St. Pat’s of Merna – Facilitated by Fr. Matt
WHEN: Study begins Thursday, June 1st and runs through July 6th
TIME: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
WHERE: Room 7/8

The book can purchased on Amazon or from the University of Mary. Once you receive your book, read the Introduction and Chapter I (pages 1-17). Contact Marylynn Meredith at with any questions.

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