“Pump Up Series”

Do you feel the need to “pump up” your yearning for Jesus?

Are you curious about how to connect more closely with God?

The “Pump Up” series is a way you can explore and experience how you can “pump up” your prayer life, your relationship with Jesus, and make stronger connections with others. You will be able to choose your own “workout” plan.  You can participate in one event or all, your choice! The entire series is listed below and more information on each series will be supplied as it gets closer to the event date.

Pump Up Series Title Event Month
Adoration… August
Stations of the Cross and the Rosary… October
The Saints… November
Music and Stained Glass Windows… January
Journaling… February
More Prayers… April

Pump Up… with Adoration

Have you ever wondered: “Why or what is Adoration?” “What does it mean when ‘Exposition and Benediction’ are said?” or “What do you ‘do’ during Adoration?”

All these questions and more will be explained at the one-time session of “PUMP UP…with Adoration”, the first session in the “Pump Up” series.

When: Thursday, August 11th

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Where: St. Patrick Church of Merna’s Chapel

Other: There is no cost. For planning purposes, please sign up by clicking the button below. However, walk-in participants are welcome! If you have questions, contact Marylynn Meredith at meredithmarylynn@yahoo.com.

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