After Jesus’ Resurrection the disciples encountered a mysterious man while walking down the road to Emmaus. It was a lifechanging encounter as he opened their minds to the truth of God’s plan for this world and for their lives. The disciples themselves said their hearts were burning within them during this journey with the man. At nightfall the companion opened their eyes and they could see that it was none other than Jesus himself who had been walking with them, teaching and encouraging them.

This is an experience that all of Jesus’ disciples should have at some point in their lives. Sadly, in our noisy world that seldom looks beyond itself, we rarely have an opportunity for these transformative spiritual experiences. An authentic encounter with the Lord can do more to positively impact your life’s direction than anything else.

Emmaus Days is a summer program for young men sponsored by the Diocese of Peoria. By providing an exciting, spiritually enriching environment, we help participants become more aware of God’s presence in their lives and get excited about living their faith. At the heart of this discovery process lies the development of a healthy spirituality. Emmaus Days is full of opportunities to pray and learn, from Confession and Eucharistic Adoration to a variety of devotions like the Rosary and Scapular. Participants are also given the chance to interact with priests, seminarians and others their own age, both in serious spiritual matters and many lighthearted activities.

Other camps, athletics, and activities will become a distant memory over the years. But what happens on the road to Emmaus is never forgotten!