Do you wonder why we say and do certain actions during Mass?

Do you want to learn more regarding the reverence of the Mass?

Join Fr. Bolek as he presents a

Catholic Teaching Mass!

Fr. Bolek will walk you through the Mass, explaining the reverence and relevance why we as Catholics do and say what we do before, during and leaving Mass.

You will have an opportunity to submit your questions beforehand for Fr. Bolek to address, and there will also be a chance to ask questions after the Mass has concluded.

When: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Where: Main Church

Time: 6-7 PM

Submitting Questions: If you have questions that you would like to be addressed during the teaching Mass, please submit them at the Welcome Center the weekends of January 25th/26th; February 1st/2nd, and 8th/9th (paper will be provided)

More Info: Contact Marylynn Meredith,