As we approach the month of June and an unusual summer vacation, let us remember that God never leaves us for a vacation! Social distancing is our new “norm” yet Jesus is very close, just a prayer away. In fact, after Jesus ascended into heaven, he sent down the Holy Spirit to help us every day. Celebrate Pentecost by coloring a picture and sending a photo to Miss Bobbi.

Praying in Color

As you color one of the design links, pray too!  Don’t forget to send Miss Bobbi a photo of your finished work!

  1. Download the coloring sheet. Print the page for each family member. Download “PENTECOST A” Here. Download “PENTECOST B” Here. Download “Eucharist” Here. Download “Parish” Here.
  2. Gather crayons, colored pencils, markers and turn off the TV or other devices.
  3. Color away!  As you color, think about the different people and/or situations that you’d like to pray for. You might ask God to watch over someone, to give someone hope or to give you patience. You can thank God… think of one thing to be grateful for as you color each shape. You can praise God as you color sharing your love for others with God. There are endless options.
  4. When your page is complete…take a snapshot and text to Miss Bobbi at 309-287-7943.
  5. Then check back on our parish website to see your artwork displayed for our parishioners to admire!

Check out the most recent submissions!


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Contact: Bobbi Hassel, RE Coordinator Grades 1-5, 662-7361, ext. 225