The Finance Council of St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna is pleased to provide financial reports to the parishioners of our parish to allow you to gain a better understanding of the parish finances. The Finance Council has worked diligently to oversee the church’s revenues and expenses in order to maintain the best interest of St. Patrick Church of Merna.

Thank you for your generous contributions to our Sunday collection and the commitment you made to support our Capital Improvement Fund to reduce our debt and to repair our facilities. Your contributions have allowed our parish to continue to meet our current and future financial obligations. With the guidance and leadership of Fr. Schultz, the St. Patrick’s staff and volunteers work carefully to provide outstanding religious services while keeping costs under control. We hope you recognize the spiritual value that St. Patrick Church of Merna provides.

Below is a list of our current and previous financial reports:

2018-2019 Financial Report Click Here

2017-2018 Financial Report Click Here

2016-2017 Financial Report Click Here

2015-2016 Financial Report Click Here