9 AM Parish Choir

Open to individuals high school age and older, our parish choir runs from September through Pentecost. The 9 AM choir provides music at the following Masses:

  • 9 AM Sunday Mass (every other Sunday)
  • Every Sunday during Advent
  • 10 PM Christmas Eve Mass
  • All Holy Week Masses
  • Easter vigil Mass
  • Every Sunday during Easter

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening in the music room from 7-9 PM.

11 AM Parish Choir

The Contemporary Ensemble seeks to offer a more “praise and worship” style of music using classic church hymns, all in the context of the sacred liturgy handed down by the Church. This ensemble runs year-round providing music at our 11 AM Mass. In addition to the Sunday Mass this group also provides music at the 6:30 Christmas Vigil Mass and 11:30 AM Easter Sunday Mass. Accompanied primarily by piano and guitar, this group welcomes any high school age or older vocalist or instrumentalist.  Rehearsals are every Thursday at 7 PM.


For more information please contact our music director Rachel Pinto at rachel@stpatrickmerna.org