Whether you need a meeting room for 10 or a banquet hall for 200, St. Patrick Church of Merna may have the Christian meeting space you are looking for. To assist those looking to reserve space the Parish has established the following priority usage as follows: St. Patrick Church of Merna, Diocese of Peoria, St. Patrick Church of Merna parishioners (minimum of 6 months from date of registration), and other churches, external groups/agencies that assist, compliment or enhance our parish mission. All requests are subject to space availability and related fees.  

Liability insurance is required for all events in accordance with the Catholic Mutual Insurance policy. Individual or groups that reserve space in our facilities will be required to provide the church with a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. The insurance coverage is the responsibility of the user and shall name St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna (1001 N. Towanda Barnes Rd. Bloomington, IL 61704) and Catholic Diocese of Peoria(419 NE Madison Avenue, Peoria, IL 61603) as additional insured. A certificate of insurance is available in the parish office for a fee of $100. 

Certain spaces are available with audio and visual support for an additional fee.

Catering is not available on-site; we do recommend that you use a cater who has provided the parish with a certificate of insurance naming the Parish or Diocese as an additional insured. However, to assist in your event a prep kitchen is available for a minimal fee.

Vendors refer to someone that provides service (caterer, D.J., band,  book store, etc,)whether contracted by the parish or hired by an outside party all must provide a certificate of insurance to the Parish and Catholic Diocese of Peoria, which provides evidence of general liability coverage of not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence. The certificate MUST name  St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna (1001 N. Towanda Barnes Rd. Bloomington, IL 61704) and Catholic Diocese of Peoria(419 NE Madison Avenue, Peoria, IL 61603)  as additional insured. Below is a list of approved caterers:

Fees that are assessed are used to cover the expenses related to set up, cleaning up, replacement and repair of tables, chairs, and equipment. Your space and date are not reserved until you have signed a completed contract, submitted a certificate of insurance and paid a 50% deposit.

All requests should be made at least 3 weeks prior to your event to allow ample time for necessary approvals. Upon submitting and completion of the request form a parish staff member will contact you at the telephone number listed on the request form within 5 business days to review your request. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm the date and event.

If you are ready to make a request you can complete a form by Clicking here or by scheduling them online here.

Space Descriptionsize descriptionmax shapebanquet shape roomushape roomTheater shapeclass shape roomBoard Image
Click on room name to view picture of spaceCost per Hour*SizeMax CapacityBanquetU-ShapeTheaterClassroomBoardroom
Shamrock Hall$100Irregular300160363006056
Parish Hall$5024′ x 40′54NA20202020
Room 1$2016′ x 20′20NA12201212
Room 2$2016′ x 22′20NA12201212
Room 3$2019′ x 20′12NA12121212
Room 4$2019′ x 19′12NA12121212
Room 5$2023′ x 16′20NA12201212
Conference Room$2019′ x 24′22NA16221612
Library$2018′ x 26′20NANANANA13
Room 6$2034′ x 24′22NA12221216
Room 7$2018′ x 23′20NA12221216
Room 8$2018′ x 2320NA20221216
Room 7 & 8$4018′ x 46′41NA24412420
Room 9$2023′ x 16′20NA12201212
Room 10$2023′ x 20′20NA12201212
Room 11$2018′ x 17′20NA12201212

* Contributing Parishioners receive a 50% savings.