Rooms available for meeting use:

  • Shamrock Hall:
    •  Max. capacity = 34
    • tables can be used
    • Shamrock Hall outside doors are used for entering/exiting the building.
  • Conference Room:
    • Max. capacity = 11
    • RE outside doors are used for entering/exiting the building
  • Room 6:
    • Max. capacity = 14 without tables, chairs around perimeter
    • RE outside doors are used for entering/exiting the building
  • Room 10:
    • Max. capacity = 12 chairs around perimeter
    • Parish Office outside doors are used for entering/exiting the building


  • At this time, only St. Patrick Church of Merna groups are allowed to use the facility.
  • Meeting space is reserved through parish staff member Jeff Lopez or the staff liaison for the group.
  • Each group must have a designated coordinator who attends a training at SPCM before the group begins using space.  A parish staff member may be the coordinator for a group if meeting with the group.
  • Coordinator will be responsible for:
    • Contacting Jeff Lopez to have appropriate outside door unlocked for a 15 minute window prior to meeting.
    • Informing attendees to complete attendance waiver form prior to meeting.
    • For members entering the building.
    • Taking temperatures as attendees enter building.  Attendees with temperatures greater than 100.4 will need to return home.
    • If unable to attend the meeting, another Covid trained participant must assume the role of coordinator.
    • Completing the Room Checklist* at the completion of each meeting and place in the gold mailbox outside the parish office.
    • Contact the parish office and assist with contact tracing if someone in the group should test positive for Covid-19.
    • Disinfecting the room after the meeting according to Parish protocols.
    • Leaving the classroom door open at conclusion of meeting for air ventilation.
  • All attendees should complete the attendance waiver before coming to St. Patrick for a meeting or complete it upon entrance to the building.  Temp. over 100.4 degrees should stay home.
    • Attendance waiver can be completed on the parish website,, OR
    • when entering the parish building by using the QR (?) code OR
    • filling out a paper waiver
  • Masks must be worn by all attendees while in the building (2 ply or greater)
  • Social distancing, 6 feet or greater, should be practiced.
  • Attendees are welcome to bring their own beverage (water bottle, coffee) to meeting.  NO FOOD PLEASE. 
  • The parish kitchen is NOT available for use at this time.
  • The Religious Ed workroom printer is NOT available.  If copies are needed please contact parish office at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The group should not enter any other rooms/areas of church building (except for bathrooms).
  • All doors leading to outside the building are kept locked.  Please do not let anyone into the building who is not part of your group.
  • All individuals must sanitize hands when entering the building.
  • Please do not socialize in the parish hallways/common spaces.
  • All paper/books that group may use need to be removed from the room at the end of the meeting.

The above guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Room cancellations may happen without advance notice due to government and diocesan regulations.

For questions or concerns please contact Jeff Lopez at