Opening Prayer:

Open our ears to hear your teaching, Lord God, and give us the words to tell others about your wonderful love. Make us strong in doing what you command so that others, seeing us, may come to know that you have saved us through Jesus, your Son, who lives with you, forever and ever. Amen.

Gospel Reading: Mark 7:31-37

This is a reading from the Gospel of Mark.

Jesus went to the area of the Ten Cities near the Sea of Galilee. Some people came to him, bringing him a man who was deaf and could not talk. They begged Jesus to heal the man by laying his hands on him. Jesus took the man to a place away from the crowd. He touched the man’s ears and tongue. Then he looked up to heaven and prayed.

He said, “Ephphatha!” This word means “Be opened.”

Immediately the man could hear and talk. Jesus told the people not to tell anyone what happened. But they were filled with wonder and amazement, and they went around telling everyone,

“This man, Jesus, does everything well! He can even make deaf people hear and those who cannot talk speak.”

The Gospel of the Lord.

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