Opening Prayer:

Mighty God, we want to be with you and share your life. Fill us with your courage so that we do not just talk about this but really try to carry it out. Let us be true followers of Jesus, giving up everything that gets in the way of loving you, and so come to our home with you and live with you forever and ever. Amen.

Gospel Reading: Mark 8:27-35

This is a reading from the Gospel of Mark.

Jesus and his disciples were going to the towns around Caesarea Philippi. On the way, Jesus asked them,

“Who do other people think I am?”

They told him,

“Some think you are John the Baptist or one of the prophets.”

Then Jesus said,

“Who you think I am?”

Peter said,

“You are the Messiah, the Christ.”

Jesus told his disciples not to tell that to anyone.

Then Jesus began to teach his disciples that he was going to suffer very much. He told them that he was going to be killed but that he would rise again after three days. He said all of this very clearly so that the disciples would know what was going to happen.

Peter took Jesus away from the group and told him not to say those things. Jesus looked at the disciples, and then he scolded Peter, and said,

“Go away from me! You are talking like Satan. You want things to be just a human beings want them. You don’t care what God wants!”

Then Jesus spoke to all the disciples and the people who were there with them. He said,

“Those who want to be my disciples will not be able to have everything the way they want it. They will have to give up some things. My disciples must accept the cross and follow me. Those who live this way because of me and because of the Good News, will live with me forever.”

The Gospel of the Lord.

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