Opening Prayer:

Protector God, you show your care for us through our families and those who look after us. Help all husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers, to be true to each other. May our homes be filled with your happiness and peace. We ask this through Jesus, your Son. Amen.

Gospel Reading: Mark 10:2-9, 13-16

This is a reading from the Gospel of Mark.

Some of the Pharisees came to Jesus and tried to trick him into saying something against the law. They asked him,

“Is it all right for a man to divorce his wife?”

Jesus said,

“In the beginning, God made both men and women. When they leave their mothers and fathers, they belong to each other. They no longer live as two separate people, but they live as one person. God has brought them together, and no one should separate them.”

Then people were bringing their little children to Jesus so he would bless them. The disciples scolded the people for bothering him. But when Jesus saw this, he became angry and said to the disciples,

“Let the little children come to me, and don’t try to stop them. The kingdom of God belongs to people who are like these little children. I tell you honestly, unless you become like a little child, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.”

Then Jesus hugged the children and blessed them.

The Gospel of the Lord.

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